Would you enjoy making a journey full of emotion and yet motionless?

Would you appreciate travelling from Scotland to Switzerland, Greece, France, Canada and to an oriental garden, listening to tales, myths and legends from both European and world backgrounds? Take a walk on the wild side with a Swiss storyteller, Ariane Racine. She speaks English with a French accent.

Let’s cross the border of the deep, deep forest of stories.

Taste the scent of freedom, explore the shadow zones of castles and woods, walk along an alpine river, smell the wonder of jasmin nights.
In Ariane’s choosen tales, there are birds and speaking bears, ladies and beggars, strangers and farmers, the wise and the foolish. And of course, a princess. Which princess? Come and you will find out.

Soirée de contes sur l’île Arran, sur la côte ouest de l’Ecosse, GB. Octobre 2019,